Our Operation

Panasonic Testing Centre is operating as the European authorized representative of Panasonic Corporation for EMC, ErP and Product Safety in Europe. The Testing Centre is located in Hamburg, Germany.

It is the aim of our company to assist for you on European market legal and public technical requirements. We concentrate on information activities for European technical regulations, integration of certification activities, execution and promotion of EMC testings, registration and filing of technical documentation same as on quality in use operations and consultative activities for technical regulations. Our team of experts is ready to work for you, to make sure your product will comply with the valid technical requirements and meet the customer demand and expectation. The experience and know-how of our staff enables us to offer to you our services for a wide range of categories. For the details of our activities please contact us.

We are looking forward to working for you. It is our target to let you receive our utmost and most efficient support for your demands. We hope the submitted activities will fulfill your requests and you will decide to make use of our service. We will appreciate to receive any of your inquiry or contact.

Our main company objective is the centralization of European technical regulation activities.