Part of Panasonic’s Business Policy is to guarantee the safety of products and ensure the safety and security of the customer. It is the Panasonic Testing Centre’s responsibility to manage quality risks, in order to achieve this assurance of safety, and to minimise the damage and losses to Panasonic customers and to Panasonic’s reputation.

The expression “quality risk(s)” refers to any condition(s) of a Panasonic product which will, or is likely to, cause a loss of social confidence in the company, or result in substantial damage etc. to the company, unless appropriate measures are taken for products manufactured or sold by Panasonic.

To manage quality risks, the market must be monitored and information must be collected. Any information (quality problem, regulation violation) from the market that results in a safety issue, the involvement of a public authority, or negative publicity, is categorised as a Quality Risk Problem, and therefore must be reported immediately (within 24 hours upon learning of occurrence) and followed through with urgency. Appropriate action must then be taken and accurate information must be provided to the customer.

Our first priority for all quality risks is to ensure the personal safety of everyone involved and thereafter to minimise the damage and losses to our customers and our reputation. It is fundamental that all processes be carried out as quickly and precisely as possible. 

You can help us to manage quality risks by reporting them immediately. If you have any doubt as to whether or not the issue is a market quality risk, always report it.

In particular, if the product quality risk is categorized as a “Major Incident”, action should be taken immediately. A Major Incident is any incident, emergency or disaster that could have a serious and/or immediate impact on the operations or reputation of Panasonic – globally, regionally or locally.